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New Patients at First Choice Chiropractic and Massage

Welcome to First Choice Chiropractic and Massage! We want to help you experience optimal health and wellness through gentle chiropractic care. You typically will have at least three visits with us so we can determine how to proceed. Here’s what to expect during your appointments with us:

The First Visit

Your chiropractor will provide an initial consultation to determine what problems you’re currently experiencing and get a picture of your overall health. You can then expect:

  • An examination, including a posture and range of movement check. We’ll also check your spinal motion.
  • Orthopaedic and neurological tests.
  • X-rays, if we determine that posture and joint motion are disturbed. X-rays help us understand what’s going on internally.

In most cases, treatment will not take place on the first visit as we need to identify your condition.

The Second Visit

This is the report of findings visit. We will discuss your posture and spinal shape and how they impact your health. One of our core standards is that we work for posture correction. Your chiropractor will sit down and talk about your case and find out how you’d like to proceed. You may also be asked to undergo a postural stress test or a traction stress test. We will then re-X-ray to see what changes occur.

The Third Visit

At this appointment your chiropractor will make recommendations in terms of time, adjustments, traction and exercise.

How Often Do I Need to Come In?

This is entirely dependent on your needs as a unique patient. As well as in-office rehabilitation, you may be given some home-based traction exercises to do for a period.  We’ll also conduct periodic progress reviews and occasionally x-ray reviews to adjust corrections.

Experience exceptional chiropractic care at First Choice Chiropractic and Massage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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