Meet Dr Irma Bran Hernandez (Chiropractor)

BSci (Biomed), MChiro

Dr Irma always knew she wanted to do something in the health profession and had a desire to help others. After completing her Bachelor of Biomedical Science from University of Brisbane, Dr Irma then pursued a master’s degree in chiropractic from Macquarie University. She quickly realised how much she loves her profession.

Dr Irma, who has been practicing since 2006, furthers her education by attending seminars and always enjoys learning something new and different. She also has a particular passion for adjusting pregnant women.

"Chiropractic is not only about helping people in pain but about guiding them through various stages of their life."
Dr Irma Bran Hernandez

Helping Patients of All Ages

One of her memorable patients is a boy who had a severe head injury. An MRI revealed a concussion. His mum started noticing that he became withdrawn and clumsy. “Within a couple of weeks of treating this child, he got his confidence back. By the end of his care, his coordination returned, and he was happy and sleeping better.”

Offering More Than Pain Relief

While Dr Irma is happy to help patients get out of pain, she also wants to talk about prevention versus “waiting for things to fall apart.” She is glad to provide nutrition and wellness advice and uses a variety of chiropractic techniques: Activator Methods®, Diversified, Drop Piece and Trigger Point. Learning more about Chiropractic BioPhysics® is also a top priority for Dr Irma. Providing patients with stretches and core strengthening exercises is another important piece of their health and wellness puzzle.

When she’s not at the practice, Dr Irma enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew and dining out. She also loves trivia and dogs. Dr Irma and her housemate have a French Mastiff named Bert after the movie “Turner & Hooch.”

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