Meet your chiropractors

Our team at Orion Chiropractic and Massage are dedicated to helping you get out of pain, feel great, and continue to do the things that you love.

Dr Irma Bran Hernandez


Irma graduated with a Bachelor of Science (biomedical) at the University of QLD in 2002. She then went on to pursue her Masters in Chiropractic graduating from Macquarie University 2005.

She has been serving the Springfield area since 2007. In that time she has seen the area and its people grow, treating the very young all the way through to the elderly. She is very passionate about health, people and chiropractic. She also has a special interest in treating pregnant women.

Irma approaches her treatment using manual adjustments, soft tissue releases and mobilizations, incorporating a variety of techniques including Diversified, drop piece and activator instrument adjusting. In addition to treatment, Irma prescribes home care including core strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises and also lifestyle changes.

Born in El Salvador and arriving in Australia in 1989, Irma is fluent in Spanish and enjoys exploring food adventures and spending time with her family. She is also an avid jetsetter with a deep passion for soccer. VAMOS Real Madrid and Chelsea!

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Dr Dylan Grady


Dylan discovered Chiropractic after his family began care while he was child. He was amazed with the positive changes he saw in his own, as well as his family members health and still remembers being 11 years old when he declared he would one day become a Chiropractor!

If you were to ask him, he will tell you that one of his happiest moments in life was when he graduated as a Chiropractor in 2015 from RMIT having achieved a distinction in both his Bachelor and Masters’ degrees.

Dylan enjoys helping people from all walks of life become the best possible versions of themselves. Dylan believes in a patient centred approach and adopts many techniques to achieve the best result for every individual.

These treatment techniques include but are not limited to soft tissue therapy, rehabilitative exercises, applied kinesiology, dynamic taping, western acupuncture, nutritional/lifestyle advice and of most importance, the chiropractic adjustment!

Dylan also believes in the importance of self-growth and development and uses this to further his own education including post graduate studies in paediatrics and currently attaining his international sports chiropractic qualification.

Dylan has practiced Chiropractic since 2015 in Australia and overseas in a clinical environment as well as “in the field”. This includes volunteering at various sporting competitions, churches, schools and orphanages and paid positions at various workplaces.

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